Meet Helen.........

  • World Traveller 
  • Productivity Superstar
  • Believer in being scared and doing it anyway
  • I help female entrepreneurs TAKE ACTION like never before.

‚ÄčAre you wildly passionate, utterly determined AND overwhelmingly stuck?

WELCOME - You're one of my people!

  • Working too hard and not achieving your goals?
  • Fighting overwhelm?
  • Stuck, spinning your wheels?
  • You are not alone.  I'm right here with you, and everything's about to change.

My Three Top Beliefs


It's Not Just Business

The freedom to enjoy life without the guilt, is the thing I value most.

I love my business but I love other things too. No one starts a business to work all the hours possible.


It's not about a new planner, or the latest productivity tool.  None of that "stuff" will make you more productive.  

Understanding WHY we get in our own way changes everything.

Keep It Simple

For me, being productive isn't primarily about get more done.

It's about getting the right thing done easily.  Getting clear about what you want and making progress.  Every single day.