The 3 Biggest Productivity Blocks and How to Fix Them

Most of us are on a permanent mission to get more done, and as a Productivity Coach, it’s my job to help you with this mission!

In my work, I get to see first-hand the mistakes that people make that end up blocking their productivity which is why I’m sharing the top 3 blockers (and simple ways of fixing them) so that YOU can become your most productive self.

Be warned, though. You might be making these mistakes without even realising it.

BLOCK #1 – Feeling completely overwhelmed by All. The. Things.

Hey, I get it! There is always something new to learn, you definitely think you should be further along in your business by now, emails pinging throughout the day.
Everything is important. So, you have no idea where to start or what to focus on first.
Our heads get overwhelmed with all the stuff and nothing gets done. Let’s be honest nobody that feels overwhelmed is going to have the most productive day.

Permission to breathe!

We feel overwhelmed when we convince ourselves that we are the only ones that can get the job done, and have so much to do in a small period of time.

Action step to fix block #1

Stop. Take 15mins and get it all out of your head.

A brain dump is a great way to declutter the mental desk! Grab a piece of paper and write down everything that’s in your head. All the tasks, reminders, everyday thoughts.
You may end up with hundreds of things….and all that stuff was cluttering your mind. No wonder you feel overwhelmed.

Next, take control of your schedule by planning your week in ‘time slots’ will make it clear when you will be working on what areas of your business.
Clarity prevents the overwhelm.
Schedule in specific blocks of time in your diary this week, and review at the end of the week what worked, what didn’t work.
I like to use 90-minute chunks for my time blocks.

I then hold a ‘Weekly Review’ every Friday afternoon, where I review the last week’s goals, set my 7-day goals for the week ahead and then plan out exactly when I will work towards achieving these goals.

Even though it sounds simple, putting blocks of time into your diary that tells you exactly what you will be working on daily is a MASSIVE productivity hack.

This is what gives you MORE time, not less.

BLOCK #2 – Wearing the Crown of Busy

You have BIG GOALS, and you plan to nail them all……at the same time!

So you head into each day with a mammoth To-Do list, get distracted easily, feel annoyed for being distracted, then feel guilty for not being as productive as you are capable of.
You reach the end of the week feeling like you didn’t accomplish as much as you had planned, despite working crazy long hours.

This is where you are making a mistake — striving to be exceptionally awesome is setting you up for failure.

How about if you start each day aiming to achieve a realistic amount of work?
Pick 3 priority tasks (Focused Actions) for each day and do them with ease. You will have a clear focus and won’t have to waste time choosing which tasks to do from the mammoth To-Do list. Then you can end the week feeling completely satisfied with your achievements.

Then rinse and repeat. Nailing a realistic amount of work every single week will result in an entirely different outcome in 4 weeks’ time. And 3 months’ worth of such weeks has the potential to be LIFE CHANGING.

Action step to fix block #2

For the next week, identify 1-3 Focused Actions per day and do those before anything else. Make it easy for yourself.

Achieving 3 important tasks every day is a lot easier (and therefore more likely to happen) than working on a massive to-do list.

Give this a go for the next week and then review the impact it has on how much you get done, and how much more accomplished you feel.

BLOCK #3 – Waiting for things to be ‘perfect’

I couldn’t not talk about perfection in this post because everyone I meet is holding themselves and their business to a perfect ideal.

And perfectionism is a classic example of a productivity block. When you want everything to be perfect, you don’t take action. The result, an ever growing list of things that you need to learn, improve, practice……

On the contrary, getting comfortable with taking imperfect action will ensure you actually have a thriving business.

I encourage you to go for it and just see what happens.


When I first realised I was blocking my success with perfectionism, I decided to make #ImperfectAction my mantra. I wrote it down on a post-it-note and stuck it on my screen so I could see it every single day.

I took massive imperfect action, but if things went wrong and I allowed myself to be ok with it. Instead of waiting for things to be perfect I was showing up and helping the people who needed my help.

And guess what? I haven’t broken my business or my reputation. Nor have I lost any friends or clients by not being ‘perfect’. Instead, I have grown my business made it successful.

Where would I be if I had stayed in the ‘safe’ zone until things were perfect? Probably stuck in the day job and feeling fed up.

Certainly not travelling the world, speaking on stages, organising events, and helping some amazing women smash their goals.

Action step to fix block #3

Consider this your permission slip to go and take some #ImperfectAction this month. Publish that blog post, hit send on that newsletter, just get out there and take action.

Don’t listen to your inner critic. Feel the fear and do it anyway because I promise you, from the bottom of my heart – Imperfect Action is always better than NO action!

Fancy committing to doing something that scares the hell out of you but will grow your business big time? Please do. I’ll be rooting for you.

Unblocking your productivity

Sometimes we’re blocking our productivity (and therefore our success) without even realising.

So here’s a recap of the 3 action steps you must take:

  1. Declutter the metal desk! Schedule in specific blocks of time in your diary to get work done, for next week. Then review at the end of the week.
    2. Identify 1-3 Focused Actions per day and do those before anything else.
    3. Take imperfect action by doing the important task you’ve been putting off for months so that you can get it done!

It doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming to get more done in your life and business. You don’t need complex systems or a new planner – and you certainly don’t need to work crazy long hours.

It’s time to get your productivity game on and create both the business AND the life!



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